You can get The Depths of Tolagal right now! Get it here:


Hi guys,

I have just launched my latest game, The Depths of Tolagal, on Steam Greenlight:

Your support would be greatly appreciated :)

The Depths of Tolagal trailer!

2014-10-04 17:10:13 by mattahj

I will soon be launching the game on Steam Greenlight :)

The Depths of tolagal update

2014-06-30 18:58:13 by mattahj

Just a quick update to show progress of my next game, The Depths of Tolagal. Check out my week 9 development log:


Hi guys,

I'm looking for testers for my new game, The Depths of Tolagal. See the end of this post for details:



The Depths of Tolagal update

2014-06-03 04:55:53 by mattahj

I've uploaded an overview video showing how TDoT is looking after about a month of development. Check it out (apologies for the weird sound glitch & low volume):



Hi everyone!

I have started to develop a desktop version of Return to Tolagal that will be improved in every way. It's going to be awesome!


Please see the announcement on my website for more details. Also, follow me on Twitter for instant updates during development: @mattahj